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Last updated: 2020-04-28 15:31:24

    The CMQ resource tagging feature was relaunched on September 9, 2019, which is automatically compatible with previously configured resource tags.


    A resource tag is a key-value pair provided by Tencent Cloud to identify a resource in the cloud.
    You can use resource tags to classify CMQ resources based on various factors such as service, usage, and person in charge. With resource tags, you can quickly sift through the resource pool and find the corresponding resources. The values of resource tag keys do not mean anything to Tencent Cloud semantically and will be parsed and matched strictly according to the string.
    Below is a specific use case to show how a resource tag is used.

    Use Case Background

    A company owns 10 CMQ instances in Tencent Cloud. Distributed in three departments (ecommerce, gaming, and entertainment), these instances are used to serve internal business lines such as marketing, game A, game B, and post-production. The OPS owners of the three departments are John, Jane, and Harry, respectively.


    Setting resource tag

    To facilitate management, the company categorizes its CMQ resources with resource tags and defines the following resource tag key-value pairs:

    Resource Tag Key Tag Value
    Department Ecommerce, gaming, and entertainment
    Business Marketing, game A, game B, and post-production
    OPS owner John, Jane, and Harry

    These resource tags are bound to CMQ instances in the following way:

    ID Department Business OPS Owner
    queue-pale1 Ecommerce Marketing Harry
    queue-pale12 Ecommerce Marketing Harry
    queue-pale13 Gaming Game A John
    queue-pale13 Gaming Game B John
    queue-pale14 Gaming Game B John
    queue-pale15 Gaming Game B Jane
    queue-pale16 Gaming Game B Jane
    queue-pale17 Gaming Game B Jane
    queue-pale18 Entertainment Post-production Harry
    queue-pale19 Entertainment Post-production Harry
    queue-pale110 Entertainment Post-production Harry

    Using resource tag

    • Filter out the CMQ instances in the charge of Harry
      Filter out the CMQ instances where the OPS owner is "Harry". For detailed directions, please see Using Resource Tags.

    • Filter out the CMQ instances in the charge of Jane in the gaming department
      Filter out the CMQ instances where the department is "gaming" and OPS owner is "Jane". For detailed directions, please see Using Resource Tags.

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