API Category

Last updated: 2021-09-09 17:57:14

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
CreateInstances Creates instances (recommended)
CloseDBExtranetAccess Disables public network link to instance
DescribeDBInstanceAttribute Queries instance details
DescribeDBInstances Queries instance list
DescribeDatabases Pulls database list
DescribeOrders Gets order information
DestroyDBInstance Eliminates an instance
DisIsolateDBInstances Removes instances from isolation
InitDBInstances Initializes instance
InquiryPriceRenewDBInstance Queries the renewal price of instance
InquiryPriceUpgradeDBInstance Queries the upgrade price of instance
IsolateDBInstances Isolates instances
ModifyDBInstanceName Renames instance
ModifyDBInstancesProject Transfers instance to another project
ModifySwitchTimePeriod Modifies the switch time after configuration upgrade
OpenDBExtranetAccess Enables public network access
RenewInstance Renews instance
RestartDBInstance Restarts instance
SetAutoRenewFlag Sets auto-renewal
UpgradeDBInstance Upgrades instance configurations
CreateDBInstances Creates instances (deprecated soon)

Read-only Replica APIs

API Name Feature
CreateReadOnlyDBInstance Creates read-only replicas
CreateReadOnlyGroup Creates an RO group
ModifyDBInstanceReadOnlyGroup Modifies the RO group of an instance
DeleteReadOnlyGroup Deletes an RO group
DescribeReadOnlyGroups Queries RO group information
ModifyReadOnlyGroupConfig Modifies RO group configuration
AddDBInstanceToReadOnlyGroup Adds a read-only replica to an RO group
RemoveDBInstanceFromReadOnlyGroup Removes a read-only replica from an RO group
RebalanceReadOnlyGroup Rebalances the loads of read-only replicas in an RO group

Backup and Restoration APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDBBackups Queries instance backup list
DescribeDBErrlogs Gets error logs
DescribeDBSlowlogs Gets slow query logs
DescribeDBXlogs Gets instance Xlog list

Account APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeAccounts Gets instance user list
ModifyAccountRemark Modifies account remarks
ResetAccountPassword Resets account password

Specification APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeProductConfig Queries purchasable specification configuration
InquiryPriceCreateDBInstances Queries purchase price

Region APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeRegions Queries purchasable regions
DescribeZones Queries purchasable AZs

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeSlowQueryAnalysis Analyzes slow queries
DescribeSlowQueryList Gets the slow query list

PostgreSQL for Serverless APIs

API Name Feature
CloseServerlessDBExtranetAccess Disables public network access for a PostgreSQL for Serverless instance
CreateServerlessDBInstance Creates a PostgreSQL for Serverless instance
DeleteServerlessDBInstance Deletes a PostgreSQL for Serverless instance
DescribeServerlessDBInstances Queries the list of PostgreSQL for Serverless instances
OpenServerlessDBExtranetAccess Enables public network access for a PostgreSQL for Serverless instance