Last updated: 2019-11-07 10:03:30

    What Are the Differences Between the CVM Assigned by a Dedicated Host and a Common CVM?

    A Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) deployed on a dedicated host runs in a single-tenant environment, whereas a common CVM is a physical server resource shared by multiple tenants. The CVM on a dedicated host supports specifications customization, whereas a common CVM does not. Other features of the two CVM types are the same.

    How Is a Created CVM Assigned to Multiple Selected Dedicated Hosts?

    If you select multiple dedicated hosts when creating a CVM, the CVM is created on any one of these hosts.

    Why Does a CVM Occupy 2 GB More Disk Space than Its Specifications?

    You can customize the sizes of the system disk and data disk when creating a CVM. In addition to planned disk storage, 2 GB of local disk storage is used to store additional configuration information.

    Is Migration Supported for CVMs on Dedicated Hosts?

    Tencent Cloud supports hot migration of CVMs between different dedicated hosts of the same model and configurations. To apply for CVM migration, please Submit a Ticket.
    Currently, Tencent Cloud does not support CVM migration between dedicated host resource pools and common CVM instance resource pools.

    Is Configuration Adjustment Supported for CVMs on Dedicated Hosts?

    Yes. To configure the CVM on a dedicated host, log in to the CVM Console, find the target CVM instance in the instance list, and click More -> Resource Adjustment -> Adjust Configuration in the Operation column. For more information, see CVM Configuration Adjustment.