Last updated: 2018-11-21 11:42:45


What is the difference between CDH and CPM?

CPM uses a bare metal architecture and provides on-demand postpaid physical server rental services. CDH is a host equipped with Tencent Cloud's virtualized system and used by creating CVM instances on it once purchased.

What is the difference between CDH and ordinary CVM?

CDH is a dedicated physical server equipped with a virtualized environment, which is completely isolated from the serves of other tenants with all its resources exclusive for your use. After purchasing it, you can use it by assigning CVM instances on it, schedule its physical machine resources arbitrarily and customize the configuration of the dedicated CVM instances. Ordinary CVM is a physical server whose resources are shared by multiple tenants.

Does CDH support scaling?

No. CDH is a physical machine-level resource and the hardware configuration on it cannot be modified. Please clearly understand your business needs before purchasing it.