Billing and Fees

Last updated: 2020-02-26 21:27:12


1. Billing models for CDH

At present, dedicated hosts are sold by Monthly Subscription's billing method. Assign CVM no longer needs to pay for CPU, memory and local storage, but needs to pay for HDD cloud disk and public network bandwidth mounted on CVM.

For more information on the billing model, see Dedicated host billing mode .

Is there a charge for CVM of Assign on the dedicated host machine?

When you buy a dedicated host, you have already paid for the CPU, memory and local storage of the physical server cost. Assign and CVM no longer need to pay for these resources, but you need to pay for the HDD cloud disk and public network bandwidth mounted on CVM. For more information, please refer to Billing Description CVM's billing part.

2. Does CDH service support pay-per-use model?

No. Currently, dedicated hosts can only be purchased through Monthly Subscription.

3. What happens to CVMs running a CDH that is put into the recycle bin?

If a CDH is not renewed after it expires, its resources would be put into the recycle bin.

When this happens,

  • The CVM CVM instance on this host will be out of service and will disappear from the list of instances on Cloud Virtual Machine console.
    If the CDH is renewed within 7 days, all CVM instances on it would be recovered automatically. Manual boot is not required.
    If the CDH is not renewed within 7 days, the resources of the CDH would be revoked and the CVMs on it would be destroyed.