Multipart Copy

Last updated: 2021-09-09 15:55:44


    To replicate an object that is greater than 5 GB in size, you must use multipart copy. First, use the multipart upload API to create an object. Then use the Upload Part - Copy API and specify the x-cos-copy-source header to determine the source object that you want to copy. The process is outlined below:

    1. Initialize an object for multipart upload.
    2. Copy the data of the source object; specify the x-cos-copy-source-range header to determine how much data to copy at a time (you can specify to copy up to 5 GB at a time).
    3. Complete the multipart upload.

    The SDKs provided by COS can be used to easily implement a multipart copy operation.


    Using REST APIs

    You can use REST APIs to directly initiate a multipart copy request. For more information, see the following API documentation:

    Using SDKs

    You can also use multipart copy directly through SDKs. For more information, see the language-specific SDK documentation below: