GET Bucket Versioning

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The GET Bucket versioning API is used to get the versioning information of the specified bucket.

Detail Analysis

  1. To query the versioning status of a bucket, you need to have read permission to the bucket.
  2. There are three versioning states: not enabled, enabled, or suspended.
  • If you have never enabled or suspended versioning in the bucket, the response is:

  • If you have enabled versioning in the bucket, the response is:

  • If you have suspended versioning in the bucket, the response is:



Sample Request

GET /?versioning HTTP 1.1
Host: <Bucketname>-<APPID>.cos.<Region>
Date: GMT date
Authorization: Auth String

Authorization: Auth String (see Request Signature for details).

Request Headers

Common Headers

The implementation of this request operation uses a common request header. For more information on common request headers, see Common Request Headers.

Special Headers

This request operation has no special request headers.

Request Body

The request body of this request is empty.


Response Headers

Common Response Headers

This response contains a common response header. For more information on common response headers, see Common Response Headers.

Special Response Headers

This response has no special response headers.

Response Body


Detailed data is as shown below:

Node Name (Keyword) Parent Node Description Type
VersioningConfiguration None Describes the specific information of versioning Container
Status VersioningConfiguration Indicates whether versioning is enabled. Enumerated values: Suspended, Enabled Enum


GET /?versioning HTTP/1.1
Connection: keep-alive
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Accept: */*
User-Agent: python-requests/2.12.4
Authorization: q-sign-algorithm=sha1&q-ak=AKID15IsskiBQKTZbAo6WhgcBqVls9SmuG00&q-sign-time=1480932292;1981012292&q-key-time=1480932292;1981012292&q-url-param-list=versioning&q-header-list=host&q-signature=5118a936049f9d44482bbb61309235cf4abe99c2


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml
Content-Length: 120
Connection: keep-alive
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2017 08:15:16 GMT
Server: tencent-cos
x-cos-request-id: NTk5ZDM5OTRfZDNhZDM1MGFfMjYyMTFfZmU3NWQ=

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>