Configuring GCD

Last updated: 2020-05-12 12:08:44


    Tencent Cloud Global Content Delivery (GCD) distributes Tencent's high-performance cache nodes globally, which accelerate worldwide static content, content download and delivery, audio/video on-demand services.
    Tencent Cloud GCD is under open beta test and the quota is limited. Submit an application if you want to have a try. The following describes how to configure GCD for CDN.

    You need to apply for activating GCD before you can use this feature.

    Use Cases

    • The end users outside Mainland China need to be reached and accelerating access and reducing access delay are required.
    • Cross-region, cross-border or cross-continent data transfer reaching GB or TB-level is required.
    • The same content needs to be downloaded frequently.


    When your application for activating GCD is approved, go to Tencent Cloud's GCD Console to add COS's XML access domain name for acceleration.
    You need to set the content to be accessed to Public in COS console in order to bind and use the GCD accelerated domain name to access the content on COS.


    Configure GCD by following the steps below: Configure Policy Permissions -> Configure GCD -> Configure CNAME.

    Configure policy permissions

    1. Log in to the COS Console and click Bucket List in the left sidebar to enter the bucket list page.
    2. Click to enter the bucket for which you want to configure policy permissions.
    3. Click Permission Management, and find the Permission Policy Settings section to add a public access policy.
    4. Click Add Policy, and then set User, Resource and Operation as follows:
      • Effect: Allow
      • User: All Users
      • Resource: Entire Bucket
      • Actions: Read Operation.
    5. Click OK to save the policy configuration.

    Configure GCD

    1. Obtain the COS domain name.
      In the COS Console, obtain the access domain name of the bucket for which you want to accelerate access.
      If you want to accelerate the delivery of content for a bucket for which the static website feature is enabled, and use the features of a static website, use a static website domain name, for example:
    2. Bind a domain name to GCD
      Log in to Tencent Cloud's GCD Console, and then add a domain name by using COS as your self-owned origin. The configuration items are as follows:
      • Domain: Enter the access domain name you want to bind to GCD.
      • Service Type: The data in COS is mostly unstructured data. It is recommended to select Static Content.
      • Origin Type: Select External (self-owned origin).
      • Origin Domain: Enter COS's XML API domain name or static website domain name.
      • Host header (origin-pull Host) : This should be same as the origin server's domain name.

        Set other options as needed.

    Configure CNAME

    Go to your DNS service provider to add the CNAME record. For more information on how to configure CNAME, see CNAME Configuration in CDN documentation.


    • For questions about whether a domain name without ICP-filing in Mainland China can access GCD, see COS FAQs.