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Feature Description

This API is used to get the parameters of a batch operation job and the job status. For more information, please see Batch Operation Overview.


Sample Request

GET /jobs/<JobId> HTTP/1.1
x-cos-appid: <appid>

Request Parameters

Calling the DescribeJob API requires the following parameters:

Parameter Description Required
JobId Job ID. Yes
x-cos-appid User APPID with a length of 1–64 bytes. Yes

Request Headers

This API only uses common request headers. For more information, see Common Request Headers.

Request Body

This request does not have a request body.


Sample Response

HTTP/1.1 200

Response Headers

This API only returns common response headers. For more information, see Common Response Headers.

Response Body


The content is described in detail as below:


This node includes the parameters and status information of the specified batch operation job.

Node Name Parent Node Description Type
Job DescribeJobResult Parameters and status information of the specified batch operation job. Job Object


Node Name Parent Node Description Type
ClientRequestToken Job Token unique to each request, which can prevent the frontend from initiating one batch operation job multiple times. The token can be 1–64 bytes long, and a UUID is recommended. String
CreationTime Job Job creation time. Timestamp
Description Job Job description; 1–256 bytes long. This parameter will be returned if it is configured when the job is created. String
FailureReasons Job Describes the failure reason if a job fails. FailureReasons Object
JobId Job Job ID generated after the job is successfully created; length: 1–64 bytes. String
Manifest Job Inventory of the objects to be processed. You need to record the objects you want to process in the inventory. Manifest Object
Operation Job Operation to be performed on the objects in the inventory. Operation Object
Priority Job Job priority. The higher the value, the higher the priority. Value range: 0–2,147,483,647. Integer
ProgressSummary Job Overview of job execution, which describes how many operations were performed in the job, how many succeeded, and how many failed. ProgressSummary Object
Report Job Specifies configurations for an inventory report. Report Object
RoleArn Job Identifier of the role assigned to the job; length: 1–1024 bytes. String
Status Job Job status. Valid values: Active, Cancelled, Cancelling, Complete, Completing, Failed, Failing, New, Paused, Pausing, Preparing, Ready, Suspended. String
StatusUpdateReason Job Reason for a status update; length: 0–256 bytes. String
SuspendedCause Job Cause of job suspension. A job is suspended when you are creating it in the console; it will only be carried out after your confirmation. The value of this parameter can be 0–1,024 bytes long. String
SuspendedDate Job Time when the job is suspended; the time will be recorded upon job suspension Timestamp
TerminationDate Job Job end time. Timestamp


Node Name Parent Node Description Type
JobFailure FailureReasons Job failure code and cause. JobFailure Object


Node Name Parent Node Description Type
FailureCode JobFailure Job failure code; length: 0–64 bytes. String
FailureReason JobFailure Cause of job failure; length: 0–256 bytes. String

For other elements, see CommonElements.

Error Codes

The following describes some frequent special errors that may occur when you make this request. For other errors, see ErrorResponse.

Error Code Description Status Code API
NoSuchJob The specified job does not exist 404 DescribeJob