Setting Object Tags

Last updated: 2021-03-03 10:49:12


    The object tagging feature is designed to help you group and manage objects in your bucket. You can add key-value pairs for your object as its identifier. An object tag is made up of a tagKey, =, and tagValue (for example, group = IT). You can set, query, and delete tags for a specified object.


    Object tagging is a billable service. For detailed pricing, please see Product Pricing.

    Keep the following restrictions in mind when you use object tagging:

    • You can add up to 10 different tags for one object.
    • A tag key cannot start with qcs:, project, or any other system reserved characters.
    • Tag keys and tag values are case-sensitive. Both of them can be 1-127 UTF-8 characters in length, containing letters, spaces, digits, and special characters +, -, =, ., _, :, /, @.

    For more restrictions, please see Object Tagging Overview.

    Adding Tags when Uploading an Object

    1. Add tags when uploading an object as shown below:
    2. Your object tags will be added upon the upload success. To view them, you can go to Object Tag on the Details page of the object as follows:
    3. To modify or delete a tag, you can click Edit or Delete on the right side of Object Tag.

    Adding Tags to an Uploaded Object

    If you did not add tags when uploading a new object, you can follow the steps below to add them subsequently.

    1. Go to the Details page of the desired object by referring to Viewing Object Information.
    2. On the Details page of the object, find Object Tag and click Add Tags.
    3. To modify or delete a tag, you can click Edit or Delete on the right side of Object Tag.

    Using Object Tags

    After the object tags are set, you can set a lifecycle rule for objects with the same object key in no time. For more information, please see Setting Lifecycle.