Creating a Bucket

Last updated: 2019-03-22 18:10:12



You can create buckets on the Bucket List page on the COS Console.

Up to 200 buckets are allowed under the same user account (regardless of region).


  1. Log in to the COS Console, click Bucket List to enter the bucket details page and then click Create Bucket.
  2. In the Create Bucket pop-up dialog box, configure the information as follows:
    Name: Enter a custom bucket name. You cannot modify the name after it is created. For more information about naming, see Naming Conventions.
    Region: Select the COS region corresponding to the physical zones where your business (or number of users) is relatively concentrated. You cannot modify the region after it is created. For more information about regions, see Region and Access Domain Name.
    Access permission: Three types of bucket access permissions are available by default: "Private Read/Write", "Public Read/Private Write" and "Public Read/Write". You can modify bucket access permissions after it is created. For more information, see Bucket Access Permissions.
  3. Click OK to create a bucket after checking the information. In the Bucket List page, you can see the bucket you just created.