Free Tier

Last updated: 2020-01-03 17:42:26


New COS users are eligible for the following limited-time free tier:

User Type Free Tier Validity Period
Personal user 50 GB of standard storage capacity 6 months
Corporate user 1 TB of standard storage capacity 6 months

Free Tier

Billable items in COS and the corresponding free tier are as listed in the following table:

Fees Billable Item Available Free Tier
Storage capacity fees Standard storage capacity Yes
Standard_IA storage capacity No
For more information, see Billing Overview
Archive storage capacity
Request fees Number of requests
Data retrieval fees Volume of retrieved data
Traffic fees Public network downstream traffic
CDN origin-pull traffic
Cross-region replication traffic
  • The free tier is only applicable to public cloud regions but not finance cloud regions. For more information, see Regions and Access Domain Names.
  • If your service is interrupted due to violations or arrears, you will not be eligible for the Free Tier perk. Free Tier will be unavailable until the service is restarted.

Billing Sequence

At the time of bill settlement, the system will settle in the order of free tier > pay-as-you-go billing.

By default, the system uses the pay-as-you-go billing method for bill settlement, i.e., the system will deduct the free tier first and then bill the excessive usage (if any) in a pay-as-you-go manner.

Issuance and Query

The free tier will be delivered to your account in the form of a free storage pack after you activate COS.

Calculation of the Validity Period

Free tier is valid for 6 months after you activate COS.

For example, if you activate COS on March 10, 2019, 6 months calculated as 180 days, the free tier will be valid for the standard storage capacity between March 10 and September 5 2019.


John Smith, a personal user, activated the COS service on March 10, 2019. He uploaded files of 60 GB in standard storage class on March 16, downloaded 10 GB of data through the public network on March 20, and didn't perform any other operations at other times, so:

  • He was granted free standard storage capacity of 50 GB per month for 6 months.
  • On March 21, 2019, the public network downstream traffic was billed for 10 GB of data.
  • On April 1, 2019, the standard storage capacity was billed. The 60GB files exceeded the free tier by 10GB from March 16 to March 31, for 16 days as a total of 160GB, and divided by 31 days. About 5.16GB of standard storage capacity fees were charged.
  • At the beginning of April 2019, the data uploading and downloading requests in March were billed.

In April 2019, John didn't perform any other operations, and the 60 GB of data was retained in COS, so:

  • At the beginning of May 2019, the standard storage capacity was billed. The monthly storage capacity was 60 GB, which exceeded the free tier, so fees for the excessive 10 GB of standard storage capacity were charged.


  • This example focuses on the relevant billing details for personal users during the validity period of the free tier. For detailed descriptions of billable items, monthly storage capacity calculation rules, and cost calculation formulas, see Billing Overview.
  • For more billing examples, see Billing Examples.


For FAQs about billable usage and free tier, see Billable Usage.