Required Getting Started Information

Last updated: 2020-02-24 17:32:15


The purpose of this document is to help you understand the basic knowledge of Tencent Cloud CCS (Tencent Kubernetes Engine,TKE), answer any questions you may encounter when using TKE, and help you get started with TKE more quickly.

Preparation for Use

Can I use TKE, in the basic network?
TKE currently only supports VPC, not basic network.

Simple Trial

  • How to use CCS?
    For other configurations, see Creating a Cluster .

  • Can you choose the existing Cloud Virtual Machine to join the cluster?
    Yes. After a cluster is created, you can add existing CVMs to it.

  • Why does my service keep starting?
    If the service content server does not have a continuous running process, it will cause the service to stay in Launch all the time. For more questions about service Launch, see Incident FAQs .

  • How to access the created service?
    Different Access ways provide different Access and Entry. For more information, please see Service Access .

  • Container how to Access public network?
    If the host where the container resides has public network IP and bandwidth, the container can directly access public network. Otherwise, an NAT gateway is required for accessing public network.

Deploying Business

  • My business needs to configure a lot of texts or environment variables. How do I manage them?
    You can manage configuration files through Configuration Item Overview.

  • How do services access each other?
    In a cluster, services with the same namespace can directly access each other. Services with different namespaces need to use < service-name >. < namespace-name > .svc.cluster.local to access each other.

  • What are the differences between ingress and service access method of "Via Internet"?
    Ingress is a collection of rules used to route external HTTP (S) traffic to service, which is not directly related to the service access method of "Via Internet".

  • Can my stateful business rely on disk?
    You can mount data disk to container in the form of CBS data volume.

  • Will my business be interrupted when service is updating?
    There are two ways to update services: rolling updates and fast updates. If you choose the rolling update method, the business will not be interrupted.