Notes on the New Console

Last updated: 2019-10-18 18:33:34


New console is now supported in all regions. Follow the steps below to access the new console.

  1. Access new console directly.
  2. Log in to Tencent Cloud console and select Cloud Products > Compute > Tencent Kubernetes Engine to enter the TKE Overview page.
    • To provide you with better service, TKE released a new version of console on Jun 17, 2019. The new console is compatible with native Kubernetes. The old TKE console will stop service in a near future.
    • Features on the new and old consoles are compatible. You can switch between using either one without affecting your business. You can use the new console to continue operations on existing TKE clusters.
    • We recommend using the new TKE2 console. If you have any questions about the new console, please submit a ticket.
    The new TKE2 console provides you with a more native and easy-to-use platform. Not only does the new console help you build managed/self-deployed clusters and custom node images, set workload affinity scheduling, and other basic operations, it also provides monitoring services like event and metric monitoring, comparative monitoring, self-deployed cluster Master & Etcd monitoring, etc. See below for a detailed comparison of the features of the new and old consoles.

Comparison of New and Old Console Features

Feature New Console TKE2 (Recommended) Old Console TKE
Basic Cluster CRUD Supported Supported
Managed/Self-deployed Cluster Modes Supported Not Supported
Basic Node CRUD Supported Supported
Node Drain and Cordon Supported Supported
Custom Node Image Supported Not Supported
Cluster Scaling Group Management Supported Supported
In-cluster Workload Management Supported Limited Support
Workload Affinity Scheduling Supported Not Supported
In-cluster Service & Ingress Management Supported Limited Support
Services Support Using Existing LBs Supported Not Supported
Service LBs Bind Only w/Certain Nodes Supported Limited Support
In-cluster Configuration Management (configmap, secret) Supported Not Supported
Cluster Storage Management Supported Not Supported
View In-cluster K8s Resource Logs Supported Limited Support
View In-cluster K8s Resource Events Supported Limited Support
Image Registry Supported Supported
Application Management (Application Templates + Configuration Items) Recommended to use Helm Limited Support
Template Market Helm Recommended Limited Support
Log Collection Features Supported Limited Support
Alarm Configuration Features Supported Not Supported
Event Persistence Supported Not Supported
Use Existing CVMs to Create Clusters Supported Not Supported
View Node K8s Properties Supported Not Supported
Event/Metric Monitoring Supported Limited Support
Comparative Monitoring Supported Not Supported
Self-deployed Cluster Master & Etcd Monitoring Supported Not Supported