Service class

Last updated: 2019-11-29 14:59:30


Creating Services FAQs

Why can't the name of the service be repeated?

The service name is the unique identity of the service under the current cluster, and the services can access each other in the form of service name + Access port.

Can you create a service using a third-party Image that is not Tencent Cloud or dockerhub Image?

You can log on to a third-party Image Registry pull by logging on to the host and executing the docker login command.

What are the prerequisites for using extranet services?

Ensure that the Cloud Virtual Machine within the cluster has external network bandwidth, otherwise the external network service will fail to create.

Memory limit, CPU limit how to fill in Enter?

For details, please see Description of resource limitation of TKE .

What does the privilege level mean when creating a service?

Turning on this option gives the program in the container real root Permission. It is recommended to open the program in the container when it requires advanced system operations, such as building a nfs server.

Updating the number of Service containers FAQs

What are the issues to pay attention to in updating the number of containers?

Verify that the CPU and memory resources are sufficient, or the container will fail to create.

Can you set the number of containers to 0?

You can save the service configuration and release the resource footprint by setting the number of containers to 0.

Update Service configuration FAQs

Does the update service support rolling updates?

Both scrolling updates and quick updates are supported.

Delete Service FAQs

Does the Cloud Load Balancer created by the service after deleting the service automatically Terminate?

Deleting the service will destroy all containers under the service along with the external network Cloud Load Balancer, please back up the data in advance.

FAQs in Service Operation

How do I set the container system time to Beijing time?

The container uses UTC time by default, and the container system time and Beijing time difference of 8 hours are often encountered when using the container, and the solution is to create a time zone file in dockerfile.

RUN echo "Asia/shanghai" > /etc/timezone;

What if some Image images of Dockerhub, such as ubuntu, php, and busybox, run exceptions in TKE?

The exception is because the Launch command is not set or the default Launch command is bash, causing the container to exit after executing the Launch program. for the container to run all the time, the process with PID 1 in the container must be a resident process, or the container with PID 1 will exit as soon as the process ends with PID 1. for some Image such as centos, you can use / bin/bash as the run command,-c sleep 800000 as the run parameter to create the service and run in the console

Currently known Image images that cannot start the service using the default parameters Launch include these: clearlinux, ros, mageia, amazonlinux, ubuntu, clojure, crux, gcc, photon, java, debian, oraclelinux, mono, bash, buildpack-deps, golang, sourcemage, swift, openjdk, centos