Manage Service

Last updated: 2020-02-14 15:46:38


Operation scene

This document describes how workloads provide Open services to Entry through Service and Ingress.


  • An elastic cluster with a status of "running" has been created. For more information, see This API creates a Cluster .
  • The cluster has an appropriate namespace that is in the state of Active.

Service type introduction


A Service defines the access policy for accessing a backend Pod and provides a fixed virtual access IP. You can access the backend Pod through the Service in a load balancing manner.

Services support the following types:

  • Public network Access: use the Loadbalance mode of Service to automatically create a public network CLB. A public IP can directly access the backend Pod.
  • Access in the cluster: uses the ClusterIP mode of Service for Access in the cluster. Elastic clusters only support Headless ClusterIP Service.
  • VPC private network Access: use Service's Loadbalance mode to automatically create private network CLB. Designation subnet-xxxxxxxx , VPC private network can directly access Access to the backend Pod through Private IP.


An Ingress is a collection of rules that allow access to services within a cluster. You can configure different forwarding rules to allow different URLs to access different services within the cluster.

In order for the Ingress resources to work properly, the cluster must run an Ingress controller. Tencent Cloud CCS is enabled based on Tencent Cloud load balancer by default in the cluster. l7-lb-controller HTTP, HTTPS and nginx-ingress types are supported. You can choose different Ingress types according to your business needs.

Operation step

For specific operation, please refer to Service Management and Ingress Management .


  • Access only supports the creation of Headless ClusterIP Service in elastic cluster.
  • The CLB created by the elastic cluster Service will be directly bound to ENI of all Pod in the Endpoint.
  • Resilient cluster Service only supports Application load balancer .
  • When creating a Service with an existing CLB, only the CLB that does not currently create a listener is supported.