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TKE Billing Overview

Last updated: 2022-05-11 12:28:40

    Billable Items

    The service fees for TKE consists of two parts, cluster management fees and Tencent Cloud service resources fees.

    Managed clusters incur the cluster management fees based on their cluster models. For more information, see Cluster Management Fees.

    • Tencent Cloud service resources fees
      Other Tencent Cloud services resources (such as CVM, CBS and CLB) created during the usage of TKE will be charged based on the billing mode for each resource. For more information, see Tencent Cloud Services Resources Fees.

    Cluster Management Fees

    Billing mode

    The billing mode of pay-as-you-go is usually adopted for TKE.

    Billing Item Billing Mode Payment Method Billing Unit
    Number of clusters Pay-as-you-go Freeze the fees at the time of purchase, and the service is billed at an hourly basis USD/hour

    Recommendations for small clusters

    • If your cluster has only a few nodes (less than 20), we highly recommend you use Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). With EKS, you can deploy workloads and pay for actual container usage, with no need to purchase nodes and pay cluster management fees.
    • You can choose to migrate your existing TKE clusters as needed in the following ways:
      • Conduct smooth business migration through virtual nodes to reduce the number of nodes in the TKE cluster and thereby lower the cluster management fees (such fees are not charged for virtual nodes; for more information, see Pricing below).
      • Completely migrate the TKE cluster to the EKS cluster through the migration tool. You can submit a ticket for assistance.



    • The unit prices are varied depending on the region. Please refer to the prices displayed in the console.
    Cluster Specification Price (USD/hour)
    L5 0.02040816
    L20 0.06279435
    L50 0.11459969
    L100 0.19152276
    L200 0.40031397
    L500 0.8021978
    L1000 1.47252747
    L3000 2.44897959
    L5000 4.40188383

    Tencent Cloud Service Resources Fees

    Other Tencent Cloud service resources (such as CVM, CBS and CLB) created during the usage of TKE will be charged based on each billing mode. For more information, see billing description for each resource.

    Tencent Cloud Service Documentation
    CVM CVM Billing Mode
    CBS CBS Billing Overview
    CLB CLB Billing Description

    TKE is a declarative service based on Kubernetes. When you do not need CLB, CBS or other IaaS service resources created by TKE, you must delete them in TKE console, otherwise, TKE will re-create them and continue to charge fees. For example, if you delete a CLB instance in CLB console instead of in TKE console, TKE will re-create a CLB instance based on declarative APIs.

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