Using Docker Hub Accelerators

Last updated: 2020-05-22 18:32:17

    Tencent Cloud offers the following DockerHub accelerator to enable quick pulling of container images on the DockerHub platform.
    You need to configure the accelerator URL in the CVM to apply the configuration. Do not access the accelerator directly in a browser. Instead, complete the following steps to configure the accelerator.

    Configuring a CVM Instance in a TKE Cluster

    You do not need to manually configure CVM instances in the TKE cluster. The cluster installs the Docker service automatically when creating the node, and configures the Mirror images. The default configuration is as follows:

    [root@VM_1_2_centos ~]# cat /etc/docker/dockerd 

    Configurations Common to All CVM Instances


    Configurations for Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian 8+ and CentOS 7 are used as an example. For other versions, configure as needed.

    1. Create or modify the /etc/docker/daemon.json file and add the following content:
         "registry-mirrors": [
    2. Run the following commands and restart the Docker service.
      $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
      $ sudo systemctl restart docker
      # For Ubuntu16.04, run the "sudo systemctl restart dockerd" command.

    Windows 10

    1. Go to “Settings” of the Docker client.
    2. After opening the configuration window, select Docker Engine, and enter the following content.
        "registry-mirrors": [
    3. Click Apply & Restart, and the Docker service will save the configurations and restart.

    Checking Whether the Accelerator Works

    Run the docker info command. If the returned result contains the following content, the configuration is successful.

    Registry Mirrors:

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