Using Docker Hub Accelerators

Last updated: 2020-02-24 18:54:10


Tencent Cloud provides you with the following DockerHub accelerator to facilitate you to quickly pull the container Image on the DockerHub platform.
This accelerator address needs to be configured in Tencent Cloud CVM to take effect. Do not directly configure Access through the browser. Please refer to the following tutorials for configuration.

Configuration of CVM instances in TKE cluster

There is no need to manually configure CVM instances in the TKE cluster. The cluster automatically installs Docker service and configures Mirror Image when creating nodes. The default configuration items are as follows:

[root@VM_1_2_centos ~]# cat /etc/docker/dockerd 

General configuration of CVM instance


This article takes the configuration of Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian 8 + and CentOS 7 as an example. Other versions should be configured according to the actual situation.

  1. Create or modify /etc/docker/daemon.json File and write the following:
      "registry-mirrors": [
  1. Execute the following command in turn to renew the Launch Docker service.
$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
$ sudo systemctl restart docker

Windows 10

  1. Open the Setting option for the Docker client software.
  2. After opening the configuration window, select Docker Engine, and write the following.
     "registry-mirrors": [
  1. Click [Apply & Restart], and the Docker service will save the configuration and restart automatically.

Check whether the accelerator is in effect.

Execute docker info Command, and the following content is included in the returned result, which indicates that the configuration is successful.

Registry Mirrors: