Image Registry User Guide

Last updated: 2019-10-24 17:06:34


Image Registry Overview

The image registry is used to store Docker Hub images, which are used to deploy TKE. Each image has a unique ID (image registry address + image name + image tag).

Image Type

Currently, Docker Hub images and users’ private images are supported.

Activating Image Registry

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Users who use image registry for the first time need to activate this service first.

  • Namespace: This is the prefix for the addresses of private images you create.
  • Username: By default, this is the account of the current user. Use this account to log in to Tencent Cloud Docker Hub Image Registry.
  • Password: This is the credential to log in to Tencent Cloud Docker Hub Image Registry.

Creating Image

  1. Click Create on the image list page.
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  2. Enter the image name and description, and then click Submit.
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Pushing Image to Image Registry

Logging in to Tencent Cloud Registry

$ sudo docker login --username=[username]

username: The Tencent Cloud account you registered. Enter your password to login.

Uploading Image

$ sudo docker tag [ImageId][namespace]/[ImageName]:[Image Tag]
$ sudo docker push[namespace]/[ImageName]:[Image Tag]
  • ImageId and image tag should be entered according to the image details.
  • namespace is the namespace you entered when activating your image registry.
  • ImageName is the image name created on the console.

Downloading Image

Enter the password and log in to image registry.

$ sudo docker login --username=[username]

Download the image.

$ sudo docker pull[namespace]/[ImageName]:[Image Tag]

Deleting Image

Select the image, click Delete and then click OK. All tags of the image will be deleted.
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