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Renewal Management

Last updated: 2022-01-06 14:59:09

    Single-Resource Renewal

    You can renew a monthly subscription resource via two methods:

    • Log in and renew the resource in the corresponding console.
    • Go to Billing Center > Renewal Management to renew the resource.

    You can filter your resources by expiration time, product type, region, etc.

    Batch Renewal

    Go to Billing Center > Renewal Management, select the resources you want to renew, and click Batch Renewal.

    • You can select all resources across pages.
    • If you want to use vouchers, make sure the number of resources you select for renewal does not exceed 100. You cannot use vouchers if you select over 100 resources.


    If you intend to use a resource in the long term, you can set it to auto-renewal. You can manage resources set to auto-renewal under the Auto-renewal tab.

    • Resources set to auto-renewal are renewed automatically on the expiration date, but the exact renewal time may be later than the expiration time. Please do not change the auto-renewal setting for resources that are about to expire or be repossessed.
    • If your account has insufficient balance to cover the cost of renewal on the expiration date, before service suspension, we will check your account balance on a daily basis, and once there is sufficient balance, we will renew the resources set to auto-renewal. For more information on service suspension, see Prepaid Billing.
    • Applicable vouchers will be used automatically during auto-renewal.
    • Suspended resources will not be renewed automatically or appear on the renewal management page. To restore a suspended resource, see Restoring Suspended Resource.
    • If you cancel auto-renewal for your resources, we will resume the notify-before-expiration practice for them.

    No Renewal upon Expiration

    If you intend to stop using a resource after it expires, you can set it to non-renewal. You can manage resources set to non-renewal under the Non-renewal tab.

    • We will not send notifications prior to the expiration of resources set to non-renewal.
    • If you switch your resources from non-renewal to manual renewal or auto-renewal, we will implement the notify-before-expiration practice for them.

    Renewal Reminder

    You can customize when to receive renewal reminders. This may be helpful if your budget application process is time-consuming.

    • Depending on your configuration, the system can send you reminders 7 days to 3 months before the date of expiration or auto-renewal.
    • The system can send you reminders via Message Center, SMS, and email if an auto-renewal resource of yours is about to expire and there is insufficient balance in your account to cover the renewal fee. You can customize the channels to receive the reminders.
    • If you don’t select any channel, we will not send you reminders.
    • These settings take effect only for the logged in account, not for other collaborators.
    • You can change the mobile number or email address for your account on the User List page.

    If you have questions, please refer to FAQs > Renewal.

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