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GPU instance, as a special type of CVMs, is purchased, operated and maintained in the same way as with CVM. For more information, see CVM Documentation

To make better use of GPU instance, read the following notes carefully:

1. Back up Data

GPU Cloud Computing provides powerful computing capacities. GN2 and GN8 are mounted with local SSD. Make sure to back up data periodically to ensure data security and prevent data loss in extreme circumstances.
To ensure data security, you can also purchase and mount elastic cloud disks separately.

2. Renew in Time

You will receive an expiration notice 7 days before the expiration of the GPU instance. Renew in time if you want to continue using it. Otherwise, the instance will be shut down, disconnected and placed in the Recycle Bin once it expires. Be sure to renew in time or back up your data before expiration date.

3. Connect External Devices

Currently, you cannot use external hardware devices (such as hardware protection dongles, USB disks, external disks, and U-keys for banks) directly on GPU instances.

4. Upgrade Configuration

You cannot upgrade or degrade specification of GPU instances.

5. Prohibition Notes

  • Do not use GPU Cloud Computing for traffic traversal. The highest penalty may be termination, lockup and clean-up of your instances.
  • Do not use GPU Cloud Computing to perform these activities against e-commerce websites such as click farming (order, sales volume or advertisement), making bogus website transactions.

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