Last updated: 2021-05-14 11:37:17

GPU Cloud Computing allows you to purchase, manage, and maintain GPU instances in the same way as CVM. For more information, see CVM Documentation.

Notice the following points to help you better use GPU Cloud Computing.

1. Data Backup

GPU Cloud Computing provides powerful computing capabilities. GN8 instances support mounting local SSDs. Please back up data periodically to ensure data security and prevent data loss.
You can also purchase and mount elastic cloud disks separately to further enhance data security and reliability.

2. Renewal

You will receive an alert 7 days before the expiry date of GPU Cloud Computing. Renew your account or back up data before the date. GPU instances will be shut down, disconnected and moved to the recycle bin after expiration.

3. External Devices Mounting

You cannot mount external hardware devices (such as hardware dongle, USB flash drives, external disks, and U-keys) to a GPU instance.

4. Configuration Upgrade

GPU instances cannot be upgraded or downgraded.

5. Prohibition

  • Do not use GPU Cloud Computing for traffic traversal, which may cause a penalty of up to service suspension, deactivation, or even repossession.
  • Do not use GPU Cloud Computing to engage in fraudulent online transactions such as click farming (order, sales volume or advertisement) on or other e-commerce websites.