Failure to Log in via VNC

Last updated: 2020-08-27 09:30:22

    Problem Description

    When you attempt to log in to a Windows instance via VNC or log in to a Linux instance via VNC, you may not be prompted to log in, but instead encounter a black screen or the blue Windows logo, as shown below:

    Possible Reasons

    1. Your GPU instance is installed with a graphics driver.
      When you log in to a GPU instance via VNC, the VGA device emulated by QEMU is accessed by default to obtain the framebuffer of the operating system for login. After you install a graphics driver on the GPU instance, the framebuffer will no longer be handled by the VGA device. As a result, you cannot log in to the operating system via VNC.
    2. The operating system failed to start due to other causes. For example, third-party software that conflicts with the operating system is installed on the GPU instance.


    1. If the GPU instance is installed with a graphics driver, install a VNC server on the instance so that you can log in to the GPU instance via a local VNC client.
      You need to obtain the VNC server and the client installation packages by yourself.
    2. Check the installed third-party software and analyze why the software leads to login failure.
      We recommend that you uninstall the conflicting third-party software or reinstall the operating system.