Last updated: 2020-06-04 15:34:17

    Excellent and Reliable Performance

    Accelerate computing in real time
    GPU Cloud Computing provides superior computing capabilities:

    • It adopts mainstream GPUs and CPUs.
    • It offers a powerful single/double-precision floating point computing feature. Peak computing for a single machine is 125.6T Flops for single-precision floating point computing and 62.4T Flops for double-precision floating point computing.

    Stable and Secure Services

    GPU Cloud Computing provides secure and reliable network environment and perfect protection services:

    • GPU Cloud Computing resides in a 25 GB (or 10 GB) network environment, and provides a private network environment with low latency, offering outstanding computing capabilities.
    • It can be integrated with CVM, VPC, CLB and other businesses, without additional management and OPS costs. Private network traffic is free of charge.
    • Complete Network ACL settings allow you to control and securely filter the inbound and outbound network traffic to or from instances and subnets.
    • It can be seamlessly connected to Cloud Security, and has the basic protection and high defense services of Cloud Security equivalent to that of CVM. For more information, see Learn more about network and security >>.

    Rapid Deployment of Instances

    The payment process is easy and ready to use for GPU Cloud Computing.
    It is easy to get started with GPU Cloud Computing. Designed for ease of use, a GPU instance can be quickly built and managed in the same way as with CVM, without the need to use the jump server for login. For more information, see Quick Start.
    GPU Cloud Computing can be seamlessly connected to multiple Tencent Cloud products, such as CLB and SSD. With clear guide on deployment and Installation of Nvidia Graphics Card Driver, you don't need to manually implement hardware expansion and driver installation.