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Configuration Overview

Last updated: 2020-04-28 14:50:49

    This document describes how to configure ECDN. You can set ECDN as needed to optimize the acceleration performance.

    Basic Configuration

    Configuration Name Document Description
    Getting Started It describes how to activate the service and quickly connect domain names to the service.
    Domain Name Connection Configuration It describes how to connect a domain name to ECDN for acceleration.
    CNAME Record Configuration It describes how to configure a CNAME record.
    Domain Name Status Switch It describes how to enable, disable, and delete domain name acceleration service.
    Project Configuration It describes how to modify a domain name's project and acceleration region.
    Origin Server Configuration It describes how to change the origin server type to origin IP or origin domain.

    Advanced Configuration

    Configuration Name Document Description
    HTTPS Settings ECDN supports HTTPS configuration to implement secure acceleration.
    HTTP Header Configuration HTTP header configuration can be added, which will affect the browser's response behaviors.
    Cache Rule Configuration Static cache policies can be configured for domain names with both dynamic and static content.
    Alarm Monitoring Configuration The acceleration service can be monitored and configured with alarms.
    Advanced Origin-Pull Configuration Advanced origin-pull policies based on weight and master/slave architecture are supported.
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