Last updated: 2019-11-19 18:48:54


What is (DTS)?

Data Transmission Service (DTS) is a data transfer service that integrates such features as data migration, sync, and subscription, helping you migrate your databases without interrupting your business and build a high-availability database architecture for remote disaster recovery through real-time sync channels.

How to use DTS?

DTS supports both one-time migration of all data to TencentDB and continuous data replication. It can capture any changes in the source database and apply them to the target database in a transaction-consistent manner. For more information on data replication methods, see Data Subscription.

What are the types of source and target databases that DTS support?

Currently, DTS supports source databases in MySQL with public IP, MySQL built on CVM, MySQL with Direct Connect, MySQL connected via VPN, and TencentDB for MySQL as well as target databases in TencentDB for MySQL.