Modifying Subscribed Object

Last updated: 2021-02-22 10:05:17

    Data subscription Kafka edition supports dynamic increase or decrease of the subscribed objects during data consumption. This document describes how to modify the subscribed object of the data subscription Kafka edition in the console.



    1. Log in to the DTS console, select Data Subscription on the left sidebar to go to the Data Subscription page.
    2. In the data subscription list, select a data subscription and select More > Modify subscribed object in the Operation column to go to the Configure data subscription page.
    3. In the Configure data subscription page, select the subscription type, edit the subscribed object, and click Save.
    4. Return to the subscription list, the subscription instance enters the “enabling” state, and the task is pre-checked and initialized. After being enabled, the subscription instance enters the running state, and the Kafka client can be used to consume the subscription data.