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Data Migration Guide

Last updated: 2021-12-23 15:18:00

    Relevant Information

    Overall Process

    Operation Process Description
    1. Prepare Before creating a data migration task, you need to prepare the source and target databases and a network environment to meet the environment requirements.
    2. Create a data migration task This section provides only a basic sample migration task. For more scenarios, see Data Migration.
    3. View the task progress or perform other operations
  • You can view the overall migration progress and details and perform operations such as verification and retry as instructed in Task Management.
  • You can view various data migration metrics as instructed in Viewing Monitoring Metric.
  • 4. Perform business cutover You need to select an appropriate time for business cutover to reduce the impact on the business. For more information, see Cutover Overview.

    Sample Data Migration Task

    1. Log in to the DTS console, select Data Migration on the left sidebar, and click Create Migration Task to enter the Create Migration Task page.
    2. On the Create Migration Task page, select the region of the target database and click Free Trial. Currently, the DTS data migration feature is free of charge.
    3. On the Set source and target databases page, configure the task, source database, and target database settings. After the source and target databases pass the connectivity test, click Create.
    4. On the Set migration options and select migration objects page, configure the migration type and objects and click Save.

      You can select up to 6,000 objects in each migration task.

    5. On the task verification page, verify the task. After the verification is passed, click Start Task.
      If the verification failed, you can view the specific check items and failure reasons, fix the problem as prompted, and initiate the verification task again.
    6. Return to the data migration task list, and you can see that the task has entered the Preparing status. After 1–2 minutes, the data migration task will be started.
      • Select Structural migration or Full migration: once completed, the task will be stopped automatically.
      • Select Full + Incremental migration: after full migration is completed, the migration task will automatically enter the incremental data sync stage, which will not stop automatically. You need to click Complete to manually stop the incremental data sync.
        • Select an appropriate time to manually complete the incremental data sync and perform business switch.
        • You can see that the migration task is in the incremental sync stage, and there is no latency. Stop writing the source database for several minutes.
        • When the source-target database data gap is 0 MB, and the source-target database time lag is 0s, manually complete the incremental sync.
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