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Key Concepts

Last updated: 2022-05-09 11:45:48

    Before using an ENI, you need to understand the following concepts:

    Primary ENIs and Secondary ENIs

    • The ENI that is automatically created when a CVM is created in a VPC instance is the primary ENI.
    • ENIs created by users are secondary ENIs.
    • The primary ENI cannot be unbound, while secondary ENIs can.

    Primary Private IP Addresses

    When an ENI is created:

    • The primary private IP address of the primary ENI is randomly assigned, which can be modified.
    • The primary private IP address of the secondary ENI is randomly assigned or customized, which cannot be modified.

    Secondary Private IP Addresses

    • A secondary private IP address is any private IP address other than the primary private IP address. You can configure secondary private IP addresses when you create or edit an ENI.
    • A secondary private IP address can be bound and unbound.


    EIPs are bound to the ENI private IP addresses one to one.

    Security Groups

    You can bind a security group or security groups to an ENI as required by your business.

    MAC Addresses

    An ENI has a globally unique MAC address.

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