API Overview

Last updated: 2018-09-28 11:33:50


The APIs for ENI and their features are listed below. For more information about other VPC resources, please see Overview of All VPC APIs.

Feature Action ID Description
Create ENI [CreateNetworkInterface] (https://cloud.tencent.com/doc/api/245/4811) Create an ENI
Delete ENI DeleteNetworkInterface Delete an ENI
Query ENI Information DescribeNetworkInterfaces Query the information of an ENI
Assign Private IP for ENI AssignPrivateIpAddresses Assign a private IP for an ENI
Unassign Private IP for ENI UnassignPrivateIpAddresses Unassign a private IP for an ENI
Bind ENI to CVM AttachNetworkInterface Bind an ENI to a CVM
Unbind ENI from CVM DetachNetworkInterface Unbind an ENI from a CVM