Access Management

Last updated: 2018-09-13 11:06:41


CFS file storage has been connected to CAM authentication, allowing the master account to assign permissions to other users or user groups. CFS provides "full" permissions for authorized users: once authorized, the users can perform all operations related to the file system and permission groups.

To authorize other users to manage CFS file storage resources, follow the instructions below.

Finding CFS Policy

Log in to the CAM Console, and find QcloudCFSFullAccess policy by searching for CFS on the Policy Management page.

Viewing Authorization Information

Click on the policy named QcloudCFSFullAccess, and go to the details page. You can see Policy Syntax and Bind User/Group tags.

Authorizing User/User Group

Click Bind User/User Group. In the pop-up window, select the user or user group that you want to authorize, and click OK to complete the authorization.

Canceling Authorization to User/User Group

Click Remove User, and the user/user group cannot perform any operation on CFS file storage resources after the authorization is canceled.