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Last updated: 2022-07-06 14:32:09


    Tags are key-value pairs provided by Tencent Cloud for easy resource identification. You can use tags to categorize and manage cloud resources. Tencent Cloud will not use your tags, they are solely used by you to manage your resources. This document describes how to edit tags for file storage resources.

    Use Limits

    Note the following limits when editing tags:

    • Quantity: each file system allows up to 50 tags.
    • Tag key:A tag key can only contain numbers, letters, and +=.@-. It cannot exceed 255 characters in length.
    • Tag value: a tag value can only contain empty strings or numbers, letters, and +=.@-. It cannot exceed 127 characters in length.

    Directions and Use Cases

    Use case

    A company has purchased 6 file systems, of which the business group, scope and owners are as follows:

    File System ID Business Group Business Scope Owner
    cfs-abcdef1 E-commerce Marketing campaigns John Smith
    cfs-abcdef2 E-commerce Marketing campaigns Chris
    cfs-abcdef3 Games Game A Jane Smith
    cfs-abcdef4 Games Game B Ada
    cfs-abcdef5 Entertainment Post-production Chris
    cfs-abcdef6 Entertainment Post-production John Smith

    Taking cfs-abcdef1 as an example, we can add the following 3 sets of tags to the file system:

    Tag KeyTag Value
    ownerJohn Smith

    Similarly, you can add tag key-value pairs to other file systems based on the business group, scope and owners.


    Tagging a new file system


    Make sure you have a tag that you can use before creating a file system. If you do not have any tags, go to the Tag Console and create one.

    1. Log in to the CFS Console.

    2. In the File System List page, click Create.

    3. In the “Create File System” pop-up window, find Tag down below, and click Add to add a tag to the file system. Only existing tags can be added in this step.

    4. Click OK, and the tag will be bound to the created file system.


    For more information on creating file systems, see Creating File Systems and Mount Targets.

    Adding, modifying, or deleting a tag on an existing file system

    1. On the File System List page, locate the file system and click Edit Tag in the Operation column.

    2. Add, modify or delete a tag as needed in the pop-up window.

    3. Click OK.

    Filtering file systems by tags

    To filter file systems by tag, follow the steps below:

    1. Click the search box and select Tag from the dropdown menu.
    2. Enter tag key and tag value, and click , or press Enter to search as shown below:
      For example, if you want to find file systems tagged with a business tag key, do a search for Tag:business. If you want to find file systems tagged with a business tag key and mkt tag value, do a search for Tag:business:mkt.
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