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Pay-As-You-Go (Postpaid)

Last updated: 2021-06-07 11:07:52

    CFS can be billed using the pay-as-you-go mode (postpaid) or a resource pack (prepaid). This document introduces the pay-as-you-go billing mode, which is suitable for all regions where CFS is available. Currently, CFS charges storage fees based on your usage and bills you by the hour.

    If your usage can be estimated or if you have additional throughput requirements, we recommend that you use a resource pack for a larger discount. You can purchase a resource pack on the resource pack purchase page.

    Billing Description

    Billable Item Billing Method Billing Cycle Description
    Storage usage Pay-as-you-go (postpaid) Hourly Billed according to the maximum hourly usage

    Billing Details


    The unit prices for the NFS and the CIFS/SMB file systems are the same.

    Storage Class Region Maximum Hourly Usage Unit Price
    Standard The Chinese mainland - 0.058 USD/GiB/month (0.00008056 USD/GiB/hour)
    Hong Kong (China) - 0.09 USD/GiB/month (0.000125 USD/GiB/hour)
    Singapore - 0.09 USD/GiB/month (0.000125 USD/GiB/hour)
    Tokyo - 0.09 USD/GiB/month (0.000125 USD/GiB/hour)
    Silicon Valley - 0.08 USD/GiB/month (0.00011111 USD/GiB/hour)
    Mumbai - 0.09 USD/GiB/month (0.000125 USD/GiB/hour)
    Seoul - 0.09 USD/GiB/month (0.000125 USD/GiB/hour)
    Standard Turbo The Chinese mainland Over 40 TiB 0.09 USD/GiB/month (0.000125 USD/GiB/hour)
    High-Performance Turbo The Chinese mainland Over 20 TiB 0.2 USD/GiB/month (0.00027778 USD/GiB/hour)
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