Last updated: 2018-05-30 15:47:53



Enterprise file sharing

CFS provides storage services for organizations with a large number of employees who need to access and share the same data set. With CFS, admin can create a file system and make it accessible to individuals within the organization, and can also set permissions for users and groups at the file/directory level.

Big data and analysis

CFS provides the scale and performance, high throughput for computing nodes, read-after-write consistency, and low-latency file operations required for big data applications, making it particularly suitable for centralized server log processing and analysis.

Streaming media processing

For media workflows such as video editing, video production, broadcast processing, sound design, rendering, shared storage is generally used to work with large files. The strong data consistency model coupled with high throughput and shared file access can help reduce the time required for completing the above tasks.

Content management and Web services

CFS can be used as a highly persistent, high-throughput file system for content management. It stores and provides information for various applications such as websites, online distribution, and archiving.

Exclusive software environment

CFS provides the foundation for the migration of traditional service architectures to the cloud in the government, education, and medical industries. Generally, exclusive software needs to share the same file storage system, and only supports POSIX standard protocol operations.