Last updated: 2018-05-30 15:48:45



Mount point

Each file system provides a mount point, which can be a destination address (i.e. an IP address) for access on a private network or a basic network. Users mount the file system to the local machine by specifying the IP of the mount point.

Permission group

A permission group is a whitelist for access control provided by the file storage. Users can create permission groups and add rules for them to allow CVMs to access the file system with different permissions. Note that each file system must be bound to one permission group.

NFS file system

CFS supports NFS 4.0/3.0 protocol, which is better applicable to Linux and Unix clients.

CIFS/SMB file systems

SMB (Server Message Block) protocol is an application-level communication protocol introduced by Microsoft for accessing files, printers, and other shared network resources on the network. CIFS (Common Internet File System) protocol is a public or open version of the SMB protocol. CIFS/SMB file systems can better support the access from Windows clients. CIFS/SMB protocols are now under public trial. Click to apply for a trial.