Billing Overview

Last updated: 2020-08-20 09:37:06

    Billing Description

    Billable Item Billing Method Billing Cycle Description
    File storage usage Pay-as-you-go (postpaid) Hour Fees are billed every hour based on the maximum (peak) storage used in an hour

    Storage Usage

    When a file system is created, it consumes 32 MB of storage by default, which will not be counted into the storage usage billed.

    Notes on CIFS/SMB Beta Test

    The beta test for CIFS/SMB protocols has ended; the schedule for future tests will be announced later. If you were a beta tester, you can continue to use the CIFS/SMB file systems, which are free of charge currently.

    Pricing Details

    Below are the latest unit prices for standard file systems in all regions in the Chinese mainland effective as of 00:00, November 10, 2017.

    The unit prices for NFS and CIFS/SMB file systems are the same.

    Storage Class Region Range of Maximum (Peak) Storage Usage Unit Price
    Standard storage Chinese mainland - 0.058 USD/GB/month (0.00008056 USD/GB/hour)
    Hong Kong (China) - 0.09 USD/GB/month (0.000125 USD/GB/hour)
    Singapore - 0.09 USD/GB/month (0.000125 USD/GB/hour)
    Tokyo - 0.09 USD/GB/month (0.000125 USD/GB/hour)
    Silicon Valley - 0.08 USD/GB/month (0.000111111 USD/GB/hour)
    Mumbai - 0.09 USD/GB/month (0.000125 USD/GB/hour)
    Seoul - 0.09 USD/GB/month (0.000125 USD/GB/hour)
    Toronto - 0.09 USD/GB/month (0.00012500 USD/GB/hour)
    High-performance storage Chinese mainland - 0.26 USD/GB/month (0.000361111 USD/GB/hour)

    Billing Example

    An organization has 20 CVM instances that access two file systems in Chinese mainland. The file system A is used for cold data storage with a maximum standard storage usage of 11 TB. The file system B is used as organizational cloud storage with a peak standard storage usage of 105.6 GB in the current hour.

    Total CFS fees for the current hour = (11*1024 + 105.6) * 0.00008056 = 0.92 USD

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