Last updated: 2018-08-28 16:04:29


In this tutorial, assuming that:

  • You want to use SCFs to implement Web backend services, such as listing the articles in a blog and providing article contents.
  • You want to use APIs to provide services for webpages and Apps.

Implementation Overview

The implementation process of the service is as follows:

  • Create a function, configure API rules in the API gateway and direct the backend service to the function.
  • A user sends a request that contains the article ID to the API.
  • SCF queries the content corresponding to the ID according to the request parameters, and responds to the request in JSON format.
  • The user performs subsequent processing after receiving the response in JSON format.

Note: By the time you finish this tutorial, your account will contain the following resources:

  • A SCF triggered by the API gateway.
  • An API service in the API gateway and related API rules.

This tutorial is divided into three parts:

  • Complete the coding, creation, and testing of a function.
  • Complete the design, creation and configuration of an API service and API rules.
  • Test and verify the correctness and operation of the APIs through a browser or http request tool.

API Design

The design of APIs for current applications usually follows the Restful specification. Therefore in this example, we design the APIs for obtaining blog articles as follows:

  • /article GET
    Return the article list

  • /article/{articleId} GET
    Return the content of the article with the specified ID