Step 1. Create and Test blogArticle Function

Last updated: 2020-05-07 17:45:18

In this part, we will create a function to implement API response for a blog article.

  1. Log in to the SCF Console, and enter the Function Service page.
  2. Select Beijing region and click Create to enter the function creating page.
  3. Complete the settings as instructed below and click Next.
    • Creation Method: select Function Template
    • Function Name: enter blogArticle
    • Search Template:select Python 3.6 > api_service
      Hover your mouse to the template function to check the function details. You can also download the template.

      The data structure of articles can be saved and simulated using the variable testArticleInfo. Usually, data structures are read from databases or files.

  4. Keep the default configuration and click Finish to complete the function creation.

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