Step 3. Publish API Service and Test Online

Last updated: 2020-07-10 10:45:20

    If you have completed Step 2. Create and Test an API Service, and the test results are as expected, you can then publish this service and initiate a request from a browser to verify whether the API works properly.

    API Service Release

    1. On the Service list page in the API Gateway Console, find the "blogAPI" service created in step 2 and click Publish in the "Operation" column.
    2. In the service release window that pops up, select Publish as the release environment, enter Publish API in the remarks, and click Submit.

    Online API Verification

    Through the publishing action, the API service is published, so that the API can be accessed externally. Then, you can initiate a request in a browser to check whether the API can respond correctly.

    1. In the "blogAPI" service, go to the Manage Environment tab and copy the access path of the Publish environment, such as

      As the domain name varies by service, the domain name assigned to your service may be different from the one in this document. Please do not directly copy the address here for access.

    2. Add the path of the created API rule after this path to form the following paths:
    3. Copy the paths in step 2 to a browser for access and make sure that the output is the same as that during API test.
    4. You can further modify the article number in the request and view the output to check whether the code can correctly handle an incorrect article number.

    So far, you have completed the process for implementing a service through SCF and providing it through API. Subsequently, you can continue to modify the code and add features and API rules to form a richer-featured application module.

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