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Last updated: 2020-09-17 18:04:03

Namespace APIs

API Name Feature
CreateNamespace Creates a namespace
DeleteNamespace Deletes a namespace
ListNamespaces Displays a namespace list
UpdateNamespace Updates a namespace

Trigger APIs

API Name Feature
CreateTrigger Creates a function trigger
DeleteTrigger Deletes a trigger
ListTriggers Gets function trigger list

Other APIs

API Name Feature
GetFunctionAddress Obtains download address of the function code

Layer Management APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteLayerVersion Deletes layer version
GetLayerVersion Gets layer version details
ListLayerVersions Gets layer version list
ListLayers Returns layer list
PublishLayerVersion Publishes layer version

Function APIs

API Name Feature
CopyFunction Replicates a function
CreateAlias Creates alias for function version
CreateFunction Creates a function
DeleteAlias Deletes alias
DeleteFunction Deletes a function
GetAlias Gets alias details
GetFunction Obtains function details
GetFunctionLogs Obtains a function running log
Invoke Runs a function
ListAliases Gets alias list
ListFunctions Obtains a function list
ListVersionByFunction Queries a function version
PublishVersion Releases a new version
UpdateAlias Updates alias configuration
UpdateFunctionCode Updates the function code
UpdateFunctionConfiguration Updates the function configuration

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