Billing Overview

Last updated: 2020-01-08 12:40:39


Free Quota

Users who have opened SCF service can enjoy certain amount of free resource usage and invocations.There is no free quota for public network outbound traffic. For more details, please see Free Quota.

Billing Item Monthly Free Quota
Resource Usage 400K GBs
Number of Invocations 1 Million invocations

Billing Modes and Items

SCF is billed on an hourly basis in a post-paid mode in USD.

The SCF bill consists of the following three parts and each part is calculated in a specific method based on the collected data. The calculated amount is in CNY and rounded to 0.01:

  • Resource usage fee: Memory configured * running time, in GBs.
  • Fee for number of invocations: Every time the function is triggered and executed, it is counted as one invocation.
  • Fee for public network outbound traffic: The traffic generated in accessing external network resources from SCF is counted as outbound traffic in GB.

For more detials, please see Billing Methods.

Product Pricing

For the pricing of the three parts of SCF fee, please see below:

  • Resource usage fee: 0.0000167 USD/GBs
  • Fee for number of invocations: 0.002 USD/10k invocations
  • Fee for public network outbound traffic: The price per GB varies depending on each region. 0.12 USD/GB in mainland China.

For more detials, please see Product Pricing

Billing Details

For billing details, see the following documents:

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