Billing Overview

Last updated: 2021-07-13 16:06:42

    Free Tier

    SCF users are entitled to a certain free tier of resource usage and invocations each month as shown below. There is no free tier for public network outbound traffic.

    Billable Item Monthly Free Tier
    Resource usage 400,000 GBs
    Event function invocations 1 million
    Web function invocations 1 million

    For more information, please see Free Tier.

    Billing Modes and Billable Items

    SCF is pay-as-you-go hourly in USD.

    SCF is billed by the following four parts. Each part is billed according to its statistics and calculation method, and the fees are accurate to two decimal places in USD:

    • Resource usage fees: resource usage is calculated in GBs by multiplying the configured function memory size by the function execution duration.
    • Invocation fees: each function triggering and execution is calculated as an invocation.
    • Public network outbound fees: the outbound traffic consumed when the function code accesses the public network is counted as the public network outbound traffic in GB.
    • Idle provisioned concurrency fees: the number of idle instances is calculated by subtracting the number of actually running concurrent instances from the number of started provisioned instances, and the idle resource usage is calculated in GBs by multiplying the number of idle instances by the configured memory size.

    For more information, please see Billing Mode.


    The four billable items of SCF are priced as follows:

    • Resource usage fees: 0.0000167 USD/GBs
    • Invocation fees: 0.002 USD/10000 invocations
    • Public network outbound traffic fees: 0.12 USD/GB for the Chinese mainland; variable by region
    • Idle provisioned concurrency fees: 0.00000847 USD/GBs

    Web functions and event functions have the same prices. For more information, please see Pricing.

    Supported Regions

    SCF is currently supported in the following regions:

    South China (Guangzhou)ap-guangzhou
    East China (Shanghai)ap-shanghai
    North China (Beijing)ap-beijing
    Southwest China (Chengdu)ap-chengdu
    Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan (China Region) (Hong Kong, China)ap-hongkong
    South Asia Pacific (Mumbai)ap-mumbai
    Southeast Asia Pacific (Singapore)ap-singapore
    Northeast Asia Pacific (Seoul)ap-seoul
    North America (Toronto)na-toronto
    West US (Silicon Valley)na-siliconvalley
    Europe (Frankfurt)eu-frankfurt

    Billing Details

    For billing details, please see the following documents:

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