Permission Management Overview

Last updated: 2019-08-08 15:38:39


Cloud Access Management (CAM) is a permission and access management service offered by Tencent Cloud, helping you securely manage the access permissions to resources under your Tencent Cloud account. With CAM, you can create, manage and destroy users (groups) and use identity and policy management to control user access to Tencent Cloud resources.

Permissions Manageable for SCF

SCF supports permission management through CAM. You can assign different permissions to sub-accounts or collaborators through your master account. The permission levels currently supported by SCF are as follows:

Service Policy syntax TencentCloud API Console Authorization Temporary certificate
SCF Resource level

The TencentCloud APIs currently supported by SCF include:

API name Description Level
ListFunctions Get the list of functions under the account Account
GetAccountSettings Get the quota configuration under the account Account
CreateFunction Create a function Resource
DeleteFunction Delete the specified function Resource
InvokeFunction Trigger the function synchronously or asynchronously Resource
UpdateFunction Update the function, including configuration and/or code Resource
SetTrigger Configure a trigger for the specified function Resource
DeleteTrigger Delete the trigger for the specified function Resource
GetFunction Get the configuration information of the specified function Resource
ListVersion Get the version information of the specified function Resource
GetFunctionLogs Get the log information of the specified function Resource

When configuring the policy syntax, you also need to use the monitor-related APIs to obtain the monitoring information under the account. For the usage, see the sample policy below.

SCF Policy

Policy Syntax

SCF's policy syntax follows CAM's syntax structure and resource describing method, which is based on the JSON format, and all resources can be described in the six-segment style as shown in the sample below:

qcs: :scf:region:uin/uinid:function/function-name

Sample Policy

             "effect": "allow",
  • If an action is one that needs to associate with a resource, the resource is defined as *, indicating that all resources are associated.
  • If an action is one that does not needs to associate with a resource, the resource needs to be defined as *.
  • This sample allows the sub-account to have the action permissions of certain functions under the master account. The resource in "resource" is described as a function under the master account.

Role and Authorization

SCF implements the access between services and user resources by using the role capability of CAM. By configuring roles, SCF can access user resources in the configuration process. By using executing roles, SCF can apply temporary role authorization for code execution, so that permission and resource access for code can be realized via role authorization.

For details on roles and authorizations, see Role and Authorization.