Tencent Cloud API Trigger

Last updated: 2020-02-26 20:16:42


    Users can write SCF functions to handle their own business logic, and trigger cloud functions through the management interface exposed by SCF. The management API is called Cloud API in Tencent Cloud. By using the Invoke API in SCF Cloud API, users can trigger and call cloud functions as needed.
    The detailed TencentCloud API calling method can be found in the function execution API document.

    • Call method: The sync or async triggering method can be defined according to the InvocationType parameter.
    • Custom event: The event or data content that triggers the function can be defined according to the ClientContext parameter, and the content has to be encoded in JSON format.

    TencentCloud API Call

    To trigger a function through TencentCloud API, you need to:

    1. Authenticate the API;
    2. Enter the common parameters;
    3. Parse the returned result.

    In addition, if you do not want to construct or parse the request content on your own, you can directly use the TencentCloud API SDK to trigger functions.

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