Related Products

Last updated: 2020-05-09 18:24:15

Serverless Cloud Function (SCF) may be associated with or use the following products:

Product name Relationship to SCF
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) You can access resources in VPC by configuring SCF to VPC.
Cloud Object Storage (COS) You can configure a COS trigger to trigger a function when an event is generated by the corresponding bucket.
Cloud Log Service (CLS) You can configure a connection with CLS to write the execution logs of functions to CLS.
Cloud Message Queue (CMQ) You can configure a CMQ trigger to trigger a function when a message is received by the corresponding queue.
Cloud Kafka (CKafka)
API Gateway You can configure an API Gateway trigger to trigger a function when an HTTP request is received at the API URL.
Cloud Access Management (CAM) You can configure a CAM role to grant SCF the access to authorized resources when function code is executed.