Last updated: 2021-08-11 16:19:48

    This document describes how to create a timer trigger and invoke a function.

    Step 1. Create a function

    Log in to the SCF console and upload and deploy your function code on the Create page. For more information, please see Creating Functions in Console.

    The following takes the scheduled task sample template as an example to create a function project. In the default creation process with the template, a trigger is directly configured. In actual use cases, you can also configure a trigger after creating the function. Here, configuration after function creation is used as an example for description:

    Step 2. Configure a trigger

    After selecting Timer Trigger, configure the task name, trigger period, and other information as prompted to create a trigger:

    Step 3. Manage the trigger

    After successful creation, you can see the information of the created trigger on the Trigger Management page, where you can enable/disable the trigger.