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Step 1: Create DownloadImage Function

Last updated: 2018-08-28 11:33:07

1) Log in to the Tencent Cloud console, and select Cloud Object Storage.

2) Click the Create Bucket button in the Bucket List tab to create a new COS Bucket.

3) Configure the name of COS Bucket, such as testbucket, and set the region to South China, access permission to default public read and private write, CDN acceleration to default Disabled, and click OK to create a new COS Bucket.

4) Navigate to SCF in the console, and click Create Function under the region Guangzhou to enter the page for creating a new function.

5) Enter DownloadImage as the function name and leave all other configuration options unchanged.

6) Click Next to enter the page for editing function codes, and then select default Online Edit, and the COS Put Object template in Template. At this time, the default values in the template will be entered for the execution method and the code:

Execution method is index.main_handler. SCF console stores this code in an file automatically, and compresses and uploads the file to the SCF platform to create a SCF.

The following code snippets are displayed in the function code: Replace the parameter field appid, secret_id, secret_key, and region with your actual data. Notes:

  • appid can be found in Account Information in the console.
  • secret_id and secret_key can be obtained from Cloud API Key in the console.
  • region is the region in which the function and COS Bucket reside. sh, gz, and bj are supported. Note: The function must be in the same region with COS Bucket. The storage bucket created in the first step resides in South China (Guangzhou), so the region value in the code must be gz.
import json
import urllib
import commands
import logging
from qcloud_cos import CosClient
from qcloud_cos import DownloadFileRequest
print('Loading function')
appid = 1251111111  #please change to your appid. Find it in Account Info
secret_id = u'AKIDYDh085xQp48161uOn2CKKVbeebvDu9Ib'   #please change to your API secret id. Find it in API secret key pair
secret_key = 'lLkxx40kIfuyqW0IOI0WqyueCYjlgzqE'  #please change to your API secret key. Find it in API secret key pair
region = u'gz'  
def main_handler(event,context):
    logger = logging.getLogger()
    bucket = event['Records'][0]['cos']['cosBucket']['name']
    key = urllib.unquote_plus(event['Records'][0]['cos']['cosObject']['key'].encode('utf8'))
        cos_client = CosClient(appid, secret_id, secret_key, region)
        request = DownloadFileRequest(bucket, key, '/tmp'+key)
        download_file_ret = cos_client.download_file(request) 
        if download_file_ret['code'] == 0:
  "Download file [%s] Success" % key)
  "find local file:" + commands.getoutput('ls /tmp'))
            return "download success"
            logger.error("Download file [%s] Failed, err: %s" % (key, download_file_ret['message']))
            return -1
    except Exception as e:
        print('Error getting object {} from bucket {}. Make sure the object exists and your bucket is in the same region as this function.'.format(key, bucket))
        raise e

7) Click Next to enter the trigger method page. Click Create Trigger Method to add a new trigger for the function. Set the trigger method to COS Trigger, select the testbucket storage bucket you just create, and the File Upload for the event type, and then click Save.

8) Click Complete at the bottom. At this point, the console generates a code package automatically and uploads it to the SCF platform to create a SCF. Click the DownloadImage function you just create in the SCF list page to enter the SCF details page.