Billing Description

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The pricing of postpaid CKafka is determined by the throughput unit and number of messages (in millions):

  • Throughput unit (1 MB/s): 0.36 USD/day
  • Number of messages in millions: 0.028 USD per 1,000,000 messages (price is accurate to three decimal places. Please refer to your bill for the exact price).

Prepaid Pricing


Monthly subscription is currently in beta. This pricing document is for reference only, please see your bill for the actual price. If you wish to use this billing option, please contact sales.

The CKafka can be billed as an instance with prepaid monthly subscription.

Currently, CKafka has 9 instance types including small, standard, and dedicated based on peak throughput and disk capacity. Disk can be expanded separately.
CKafka has an elastic and cost-effective billing mode. You only need to estimate the performance and disk capacity required by your business and purchase instances as needed, which are deployed using the multi-node cluster mode. You can enjoy reliable and available services without worrying about the underlying deployment.

  • Throughput refers to the outbound and inbound bandwidth. For example, a throughput of 40 MB indicates that the outbound and inbound peak bandwidth is 40 MB. The replicas of an instance share the throughput equally. For example, for a throughput of 40 MB and three replicas, you should purchase a bandwidth with a throughput of 120 MB/s.
  • For more information on conditions that may affect the data reliability of CKafka, see CKafka Data Reliability Description.
  • Shared instances cannot be directly upgraded to dedicated instances. For more information, please see Migrating Data to CKafka. If you need dedicated instances, please contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep or submit a ticket for assistance.

Pricing of standard instances

Instance Type Peak Throughput (MB/s) Disk Capacity (GB) Number of Instance-Level Topics Number of Instance-Level Partitions Price (USD/month)
Small 40 300 25 60 870
Standard 100 1,000 40 100 1,510
Advanced 150 2,500 50 150 1,920
Large 180 4,000 150 300 2,330
Xlarge L1 300 6,000 250 500 2,740
Xlarge L2 400 6,000 250 500 3,970
Xlarge L3 600 6,000 350 600 5,170
Xlarge L4 900 9,000 450 700 7,030
Dedicated 1,200 24,000 1,000 1,500 13,900
  • One topic can support up to 24 partitions.
  • A maximum of 50 instance-level consumer groups is supported by default.
  • The instance-level partition limit applies to the number of replicas. For example, if an instance has one topic with 2 replicas and each with 4 partitions, and two topics with 3 replicas and each with 3 partitions, the total number of partitions in this instance is (1 * 2 * 4) + (2 * 3 * 3) = 26.
  • An idle consumer group can exist for up to 7 days.
  • If you need CKafka instances with higher specifications, please contact your Tencent Cloud sales rep or submit a ticket for assistance.

Pricing of disk expansion

Instance Type Disk Capacity (GB) Price (USD/month)
Shared - disk expansion 100 8

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