Comparison with Apache Kafka

Last updated: 2021-09-08 11:32:04

The performance comparison between CKafka and open-source Apache Kafka is as follows:

Feature CKafka Apache Kafka
  • Very high throughput
  • Very elastic scalability
  • Very low OPS costs
  • High throughout
    Disadvantages Occasional message loss in extreme circumstances
  • Occasional message loss
  • Less flexible scalability
  • Multiple dependent components, leading to heavy OPS work
  • Limited security protection and poor isolation and compatibility
  • Throughput Very high High
    General performance Million-level QPS Million-level QPS
    2-core 4 GB stress test 220,000 read/write QPS 200,000 read/write QPS
    Cost Very flexible billing based on your estimated peak traffic and disk capacity High costs with labor and OPS environment required
    OPS Complete monitoring and alarming system, OPS ticket system, and CKafka R&D experts who answer questions at any time to quickly solve your problems Cumbersome OPS and deployment where it is difficult to locate problems
    Scalability Very flexible and easy to scale. Only the VIP address needs to be specified for message sending, and broker changes are imperceptible for both message sending and receiving Not flexible enough. The broker address needs to be specified to send messages, and ZooKeeper coordination scheduling is required for message receiving
    Availability Very high availability. Automatic leader/follower switch is supported. CKafka guarantees an availability of 99.95% High availability. Automatic leader/follower switch is supported. Messages may be lost after switch due to async flush and replication
    Message reliability
  • High reliability
  • Reliability can be further improved based on the three-copy mechanism, and the cluster features better disaster recovery where failures rarely occur
  • Low reliability
  • The broker has only async flush and async primary/secondary replication mechanisms, which may cause message loss
  • Security protection Supported Not supported
    Monitoring and alarming Supported Not supported
    Service support Supported Not supported

    • "2-core 4 GB stress test" indicates the result of a stress test on a server with 2 CPU cores and 4 GB memory.
    • CKafka is compatible with the producer and consumer APIs of Apache Kafka 0.9 and above. To connect to a self-built Kafka instance on a legacy version (such as 0.8), API modification is needed. For more information, please see Connecting to Legacy Self-Built Kafka.