Get Consumer Grouping Info

Last updated: 2019-09-19 16:13:57


1. API Description

This API (GetGroupInfo) is used to get CKafka consumer group details under the user account.
API domain name:

2. Input Parameters

The list below contains only the API request parameters. Other parameters can be found in Common Request Parameters.

Parameter Name Required Type Description
instanceId Yes String (Filter) Filter by instance ID
group.N Yes String CKafka consumer group (Consumer-group) is an array in the format of group.0=xxx&group.1=yyy

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
data JSON Array Consumer group information returned by this API call
data::group String CKafka consumer group
data::err_code Int Error code. It will be 0 if there are no errors
data::state String Group status (e.g., Empty, Stable, or Dead):
Dead: The consumer group does not exist
Empty: There is currently no consumer subscription in the consumer group
PreparingRebalance: Status of the consumer group is Preparing to Rebalance
CompletingRebalance: Status of the consumer group is Rebalancing
Stable: Consumers have joined the consumer group. The status is stable
data::protocol_type String Consumer groups will normally select consumer as the protocol type, but some systems use their own protocols. For example, the protocol used by kafka-connect is connect. The API currently only knows the standard consumer protocol format and can resolve to the assignment status of the specific partition only if this format is used
data::protocol String Algorithms used to assign consumer partitions usually include range (which is the default option for CKafka consumer’s SDK), roundrobin and sticky
data::members JSON Array This array contains information only when state is Stable and protocol_type is consumer
data::members::member_id String Unique ID generated for a consumer in the consumer group by the coordinator
data::members::client_id String information is set by clients in their own consumer SDK
data::members::client_host String Generally stores the IP address of the client
data::members::assignment JSON Array Stores the partition information assigned to the consumer
data::members::assignment::version JSON Array Assignment version information
data::members::assignment::topic String Name of the assigned topic
data::members::assignment::partitions Array Information about the assigned partition

4. Samples


 https://domain/v2/index.php?Action=GetGroupInfo&<Common Request Parameters>


    "code": 0,
    "message": "",
    "codeDesc": "Success",
    "data": [{
        "err_code": 0,
        "state": "Stable",
        "protocol_type": "consumer",
        "protocol": "range",
        "members": [{
            "member_id": "consumer-1-/ 10:17:19:639-88206ef1-9248-43a0-9ff4-e22c3ab21e92",
            "client_id": "consumer-1",
            "client_host": "/",
            "assignment": {
                "version": 0,
                "topics": [{
                    "topic": "test",
                    "partitions": [
        "group": "perf-consumer-97910"