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Advanced Configuration Parameters for Topic

Last updated: 2019-11-06 16:59:33


The new version of CKafka supports fine-grained configuration of topic parameters. You can set the following parameters in Topic Management > Edit > Advanced Configuration:

Parameter description:

Parameter Name Default Value Value Range Description
cleanup.policy delete delete/compact It allows you to delete logs by storage time or compress them by key (the compact mode is required for Kafka Connect).
min.insync.replicas 1 - When the producer sets request.required.acks to 1, min.insync.replicas specifies the minimum number of replicas.
unclean.leader.election.enable true true/false Specifies whether a replica not in ISR can be set as a leader. - 1-30 days The segment rolling duration in ms, with a minimum of 86,400,000 ms. The message retention period for the instance by default 60,000 ms to 30 days The message retention period at the topic level.
max.message.bytes - 0B - 8 MB The maximum message size at the topic level. If this parameter is left empty, the message size will be 1 MB by default.