Product Specifications

Last updated: 2021-09-08 11:51:13

CKafka instances are divided into Standard Edition and Pro Edition according to their specifications. The differences between the two editions are as follows:

Items Pro Edition Standard Edition
  • Compatible with open-source versions 0.9, 0.10, 1.1, 2.4, and 2.8, which can be selected upon purchase
  • Compatible with open-source versions 0.9, 0.10, and 1.1, with v1.1 installed by default. Customized versions are not supported
  • Instance type Dedicated instance (each instance has a separate cluster of independent virtual nodes) Shared physical node resources
    Stability SLA 99.995% 99.95%
    Instance specification There are no fixed models, and the specifications can be customized according to the actual business scenario There are 8 fixed instance types, including small, standard, and advanced
    Topic/Partition specification
  • The topic/partition capacity is much larger than that on the Standard Edition under the same bandwidth.
  • Additional partition packages can be purchased within a certain range to increase the upper limit.
  • Each model has a fixed upper limit
    Scalability Its scalability is high, and the upper limits of bandwidth, topics/partitions, and disks can be increased separately Its scalability is low, and its disk can be expanded separately
    Performance tuning The performance can be customized according to the business scenario with fewer parameter restrictions The numbers of topics and partitions are limited according to the different instance specifications
    Automatic disk cleanup Available. Expired data is cleared automatically Unavailable. You need to submit a ticket
    Broker repair and upgrade Targeted upgrades are available, and the upgrade process is fast and almost imperceptible with high stability Subject to shared cluster resources, upgrades for problem fixes take a long time
    High availability Custom multi-AZ deployment in the same region is supported to improve the disaster recovery capabilities Multi-AZ deployment in the same region is not supported. It relies on backend migration and requires you to submit a ticket to apply, which generally takes 10 business days for processing
    Advanced features
  • Timed rebalance (you can customize the rebalance execution time during upgrade to avoid business peak hours. For more information, please see Upgrading Instance).
  • Advanced monitoring (this includes network stability analysis and request delay analysis. For more information, please see Querying Advanced Monitoring (Pro Edition)).
  • Dynamic message retention policy can be adjusted based on disk utilization (for more information, please see Adding Dynamic Message Retention Policy)
  • None
    Technical support Parameter optimization consulting services are supported, helping you customize parameter configurations for certain special business scenarios. You can submit a ticket to apply Basic troubleshooting and problem fixing

    The automatic disk cleanup feature is enabled for the Pro Edition by default. When the instance disk is full, the oldest data will be automatically cleared to ensure that the instance is available.